Thursday, February 25, 2010


Goddam Cell Phones

I don't want to download music or watch video or check my email, I JUST WANT IT TO WORK!!! I'ts a PHONE for crissakes, I want to make a CALL without it dropping out. How hard can it be?
I've been a touch typist for 35 years, why would I type a message on a tiny keyboard using my thumbs when I have a PHONE in my hand???
AND, while I am on the subject, if you're not smart enough to drive and talk on the phone at the same time, what makes you think it's ok to TYPE text messages WHILE DRIVING??!!
There should be a new ticket for that, DUIS, or Driving Under the Influence of Stupidity. Oh wait, that wouldn't work, because you're stupid all the time!!!! If you are so busy you need to be texting and talking on your phone as long as you are awake, call a friggin CAB.

These people breed, and they Vote! We are DOOMED!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


CVS Pharmacy

I'm all in favor of hiring the handicapped, but COME ON! You at least have to have minimum competence for simple tasks. Had to pick up a scrip for my wife, so they had to enter her in the system. I figured, the insurance card number is already in there for my stuff, how hard can it be? Apparently, it was beyond the poor girls ability. The fact that she had to type everything in by hand should have been the first clue. The fact that I spelled the name for her (twice!) AND she had the frickity fracking insurance card IN HER HAND should have prevented this fiasco, but in spite of it all, she still managed to SPELL MY FRICKING NAME WRONG. Which is why, an hour later, after I was not called while waiting (did I mention I waited for a frickin HOUR) and I went to the counter, the jolly fat man couldn't find me in the computer. After a bunch of questions (which I had already answered an hour previous) numnutz says, "oh, THEY spelled your name wrong,"
I said "It wasn't THEY, it was HER," pointing to the idiot who typed it in wrong earlier. "oh, we're all one team here," he replied cheerfully. A team of what? Knuckle dragging imbeciles with delusions of adequacy? You guys make Walmart look GOOD, and they really, really SUCK. Nice job, CVS. Fuck up one more time and I'll transfer all my scrips to goddam Walmart, whom I fricking HATE, but you had your chance. I also expressed my concerns to, whose customer complaints are limited to 1000 characters. I was about 1/2 done when I ran out of space. I had to significantly abbreviate it, and told them so. Dumbass fuckers.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


No Nukes revisited

WTF, over? The great leader who is going to save the economy by creating "green" jobs has just opened the door for a new age of nuclear power. This is just a week after Sen. Reid declared that the nuclear waste dump project at Yucca Mountain is officially dead. So where the hell are we going to store the new nuclear waste, we've been fighting over the "old" waste for thirty years? WTF?? I didn't realize "green" jobs meant a greenish radioactive glow. Lets create more targets for terrorist attacks while we're at it. Am I the only one that remembers Three Mile Island? How about CHERNOBYL???!!! I'm beyond stupefied at this announcement.

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