Wednesday, December 9, 2009



I've been distracted for the last few months by an online game called "Evony."
No, don't bother, it wasn't that great. It was the people, not the game that kept me going for so long. The game itself is crap. It's supposed to be a wargame, but for the amount of computer resources it uses, you would think the graphics would be better. Basically, there are 3 views, a map view of your immediate area, a view of your city and surrounding countryside, and a closeup of the city. All three are the sort of helicopter 3/4 overview that many games have. The graphics are static. They never change, except maybe the color of the flag of a captured city. Pretty pathetic, when you consider what other online games are available.
No marching armies, no blood, no nothing. The attacks are described in "reports." that's it.
The game mechanics are complex, too complex for the simplicity of the game.
Oh, did I mention it's free? That was the initial attraction. You can play for free, as long as you want. Except you probably won't want to for very long. You can buy stuff with "game coins," bought with real money. Basically, 10 cents in game coins are one dollar in real money. If you don't spend the money, you will never really be able to advance in the game. Which would be fine if it was a better game. But it's not that great. As i said, no graphics to speak of.
Overall, it is the most time-consuming irritating, TEDIOUS game I have ever played. Which is why I am quitting.
The more cities you build, the more time you have to spend futzing with them. They need upgrading, troops need food, etc etc. Can easily spend 8 hours a day fooling around with the cities, and never attack anyone, or be attacked. How exciting is that?
Like i said, it's tedious. The other players were the only thing that made the game worthwhile. And only those on your side.
The game mechanics encourage immature people to act immaturely, and actually rewards rudeness and dishonorable actions with "honor." The level of "honor" actually shows how big of an asshole you are. It's pretty sick.
So, I have too many other interests, time to move on.


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