Saturday, April 23, 2011


K-Mart sucks, so does Target

Our television gave up the ghost, finally. Maybe if I blew the dust out of it once in awhile it may still be working. So we looked online to see what was available. Didn't want to spend over $300 bucks. Kmart supposedly had an RCA for that price, drove down to look at it. They had some weird sports feed on, every TV on the same channel. It looked like an old '70's video tape, it was all blurry and splotchy, even on their biggest high end set. The chic behind the counter was no help whatsoever, was unable or unwilling to change the channel (I'm guessing she didn't know how) We left in disgust. How can you sell HiDef TV's with a lame feed that isn't Hidef?? WTF, over?

So we went to Targetmart. There was a tag on a shelf for a TV on sale at the price we wanted. They were out, checked other stores, another store had it, off we went. The "other" store was one we had visited the previous evening. The sale item wasn't tagged, even though they had 4 on hand. Had the goober do a price check, and sho' 'nuff, it was the sale item.
"If I had known it was on sale last night, we would have bought it then," I said.
"Oh, I'm printing those tags right now..." she said.
I get that you have a shitty, low paying job for a company that doesn't give a rats ass about you. I get it, really. But, you're never leaving this crappy job if you don't show a little interest in keeping your job, actually doing your job, having a little more professionalism. Come on, is it that hard?

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