Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Snow Day

I ran into a fellow from Chicago the other day. Gave him a ride downtown. On the way, we talked about the weather he could expect here. I said it hardly ever snowed, and winters were generally mild.
It snowed today. Normally it doesn't accumulate, but this time, it did. Schools and libraries are getting snow days, another thing that never happens here.
It's Murphy's Unspoken Law; as soon as you say, "gee, good thing it's not raining," it starts to rain, just out of spite.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

These goddam morons at "The We Campaign" keep sending me emails. If you don't already know, it's "", referring of course to global warming. We can't solve it. It ain't ours to solve. About a thousand years ago or so, the Vikings colonized Greenland. Why? Because it was WARM there. By the early Middle ages, the settlement was abandoned. Why? Because it got cold again. Global climactic change is a historical fact. It's not caused by us, our emisions, or any other human activity. However, it is real, and it is happening. Here's my response to their latest email:

Dear folks,
we have a virtual unlimited supply of coal. Not so with oil. If you want to help with global warming, shut up. Humans emit carbon dioxide, too, you know.
Human activities are not causing global warming. It is a normal process of climate change, has happened before, will happen again. Blaming auto makers and coal users is an exercise in futility. If we all convert to renewable energy tomorrow, global warming will still happen. So get ready and quit whining.

Stones, a concerned citizen.

( I do realize that I contradicted myself, but I really do want them to shut up) All this falderol isn't going to help with rising oceans and then inevitable changes in weather patterns. Our ability to help out affected areas will be substantially reduced by the sheer number of affected areas.

So, stock up on first aid supplies, water purifiers, and staples like rice and flour. Get ready, it's coming.

Monday, December 1, 2008



It sucks to be me. I don't mean that facetiously, it is mostly true. I suffer from chronic depression, the many several meds I consume every day takes the 'edge' off, but I'm still depressed. The difference between depression with meds and depression without is my ability to function, at all. Without them I would just stay in bed, and never get up.
I fought it for many years. I was young and stubborn, and had the energy to fight. After a few decades, I ran out of energy. I didn't run out of depression. I don't have the energy to fight it. The meds keep me on an even keel, that's about it.
My wife is very tolerant of me. Without her, I would have nothing. I wish I could adequately express that feeling, but the meds take the edge off. The highs and the lows, the wonder and amazement that can be life, gets dulled. The "good" emotions as well as the "bad" emotions get blunted, everything is reduced to shades of grey.
Being medicated is like wearing a strait jacket in public so you don't punch somebody in the nose because they looked at you funny.
It sucks to be me.

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