Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Windows 7

Windows 7 is like a recalcitrant child. I click on something, it might open, it might not. It might do something unexpected, not surprisingly so like a master of arts doing something unexpected, but stupidly so, like a two year old child might do to see what sort of reaction being an asshole would bring.
I've been a windows user since the mid nineties and windows 3.1 on a 486. We almost bought an apple, but the sales rep talked us out of it. I always wondered what may have happened if we had bought the apple. Windows was counter-intuitive and frustrating, but the user could actually FIX things, whereas, with the apple, if it broke, you couldn't fix it yourself, you had to return it to the store from whence you purchased it. That, and the price. Apples cost around twice as much as the equivalent windows desktop machines, and there has always been a lot more available software for them.
So I bought a used Toshiba laptop a few years ago, it just died last week. I think the hard drive is toast. So now I'm using my spouses Toshiba laptop with Windows 7, and I fucking hate it. It's as if the machine knows this and intentionally does things to piss me off. I'm not a fan of the laptop touchpads, but my last machine I kind of got used to it. This one is squirelly. Sometimes the page scrolls for no reason when I'm moving the cursor, which can be frustrating. My wife says she doesn't have these problems, so I think the machine just hates me. Because it knows. It knows I hate it. Windows is 2 million lines of spaghetti code that no living person fully understands. Instead of just starting fresh, they keep adding to it. Which is why on a fast machine with lots of memory, windows 7 runs as slow as windows 3.1 did on my 486. Did I tell you how much I hate it?

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