Wednesday, October 5, 2016

you've got to be joking. Are we so ultra-sensitive that the slightest deviation from the

mainstream is considered offensive? Are we so easily offended that this fairly innocuous

costume is the source of such controversy, yet police in other states continue to gun

down unarmed civilians. We're one election away from an Orwellian Dystopia and THIS is

what you're upset about? This is the most important thing in the news to report on?

The article further states; "Fortunately, college student Mahala Herron has some pretty

sound advice for avoiding controversy, specifically in regards to cultural appropriation.

“Halloween is coming up, so everyone please remember that my culture isn’t a costume,”

she tweeted. She shared this alongside an illustration of three figures symbolizing

different cultures: One head is adorned in a hijab, another is wearing cornrows, and the

third is in a headdress." Since when is 'Mahal Herron' the goddam costume police?
I see things that are offensive to me ALL THE TIME and nobody gives a shit that I'm

offended. Seriously, this PC nonsense has gone too far. If you find this offensive, DON'T

BUY IT!!! seriously, WTF?

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