Thursday, December 7, 2017


I Got a New Phone

Got a new phone a couple weeks ago. It's a Samsung Galaxy Prime J3. Still figuring it out. It's not quite as frustrating as the goddam Iphone, but it's not easy to use, either. The design still has the same kind of flaws the Iphone has, a lack of visual cues as to how, when, and which way to swipe.
Case in point today, my wife shows me " all you have to do is swipe down to see what's open and running,"
Swipe down? How the fuck would I even know that. There is no arrow, icon, flashy thing or other indication that there is anything to swipe down. So frustrating.

 So, earlier, I got my bluetooth headset working and listened to a podcast. Tried to do the same with Pandora, couldn't figure it out. It kept telling me I needed to log in, which I did. I even created a new Pandora account, still not working. The problem here is a lack of meaningful error messages. That is to say, the error messages, if any, are completely usless in determining what the actual error might be.
Finally my wife says "you need to download the Pandora App," Again, how would I know that? It worked fine on the podcast website, no app needed. Pandora has a website, but apparently, that particular thing doesn't work like that. Again, how the fuck would I even know this? The 200 page manual is pretty good, I got the bluetooth working, but it's a little vague on some things. So, I finally got Pandora working, and I couldn't get my frigging bluetooth headset to work. Again, my wife intervenes, something in the settings was turned off. How would I know this? It was working fine, earlier. I'm ready to bring this back and get a flip phone again. So frustrating....

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