Friday, September 1, 2017


Stupid Phone Calls

I've been getting a lot of stupid calls lately. Multiple texts from wrong numbers, when I send a string of obscenities via text (to get their attention) I get the; "I'm sorry, I don't know why you are so upset, this was our first text.  We'll take you off the list," I'm upset because it wasn't the 'first text,' this shit had been going on for months.
Then there's the "You've won a cruise!" phone call. Not even from a real person, but a clever recording, pretending to be a real person. I didn't realize it at first, until I tried interrupting it, "it" kept on talking. "Hello? Hello? Oh, hi, I was having trouble with my headset. The reason I'm calling is....."
And then there are the surveys. The first thing they say is, "I'm not selling anything," so why did you call. I ask what the survey is about, and who is funding it. Usually, they are not allowed to reveal this. This is when I hang up. Sometimes, depending on my mood, I may actually take a survey (depending on the subject) and halfway through realize that I've been conned, the survey questions are slanted to get the desired outcome regardless of your actual opinion. So I hang up. I know what you're thinking, "block the number," you think. It doesn't work, they have multiple numbers. I get the same call from different numbers, over a period of weeks. Don't put your personal info on a "Do Not Call" list, where do you think they get your number to begin with?
Then there was today. A live person, a Real Estate Agent called me and asked if I was thinking about selling my house. I was stunned. Stunned by the fact that it was a live person, stunned that this person actually thought I would be willing to transact business with SOME GUY I didn't know, quite possibly the largest transaction I would ever make in my entire life.
Then I was thinking, 'hey, waitaminute, my number is unlisted, HOW DID YOU GET MY NUMBER?'
He mumbled something like, "why, does it matter? I HAVE it," like that was an answer. I guess I should have gotten his name and number, and the company he worked for, and stuff. But, as I said, I was stunned.
So then I said:"I don't understand. You're cold calling random people to see if they want to sell their houses? That has to be a colossal waste of your time. Not to mention, a waste of MY time." Then I started screaming obscenities at him, and hung up.
Like I said, I should have gotten his name and number, so I could post it all over social media. Maybe I could have had a face to face and taken his picture, and put that all over the net. You can't undo something like that. But like I said, I was stunned...

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