Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Press One for English

Had a small issue with drunken Mexicans shooting off fireworks at 11Pm tonite. Tried to do the right thing, and not go down there with a bat and start bashing skulls. Called 311 the non-emergency number for the police. Apparently my town doesn't have it's own number, or its different, or something. Got transferred to the correct number for my town. Got a recording, says "Press one for English," but I can't see the numbers, because I'm outside at 11pm at nite, I wind up accidentally disconnecting or something. I try again, he says "we don't work for your town's police dept, let me transfer you to the emergency number-" and does so. Then they want to know the block number. It's a dead end street, its only a block long, what do you need the block number for? This goes on for awhile, finally we determine I'm in the 3200 block. Then he wants to know some other stuff, I'm losing my patience, I scream at him "Just send someone to put these drunken bastards to bed!!!" and then I hung up.

It's 11:20 now, it got real quiet over there. I guess they came after all.

But my point is, this is America, I'm an American (2nd generation) and the official language is fucking ENGLISH, I shouldn't have to press any buttons for ENGLISH while calling the goddam police in AMERICA. For fucksakes, what a bunch of crybaby bleeding heart pussies we've become. I'm ashamed to be an American.

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