Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Gross Incompetence at Every Level

Here is just one of the many news items concerning the latest colossal cock-up with Homeland Security and our inability to catch these guys:

Briefly, the guy responsible for the Times Square bomb (y'know, the one that didn't go off) bought a ticket, went through security, and boarded the fracking plane before anyone knew it. How the fuck did he get through security, for fucksakes! What's the point of it if it ain't SECURE??!! If any towel-headed rug-praying MORON can get through it, what the fuck good is it??!!!!!

So my question is, why do I have to take my goddam shoes off, and put my belt, keys, phone and laptop through the goddam x-ray machine, while this guy can just waltz on to the plane? I thought the whole reason for this "heightened security" was to catch the bad guys BEFORE they got on the goddam plane. So all of this time-wasting, line-waiting, clothes-removing, emptying of pockets BULLSHIT is a complete and utter waste of fucking time???!!!

Fortunately, for all concerned, the 'terrorist' was as incompetent as the guys trying to catch him. (hint: don't buy an alarm clock at the dollar store for your bomb timer, you fracking imbecile)

I'm thoroughly disgusted.

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