Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Jackie Chan was right!!!

Dear China,
Freedom means having the ability to express one's opinion without censure or repercussions. I guess Jackie Chan was right:

HONG KONG (AFP) – The backlash over comments by Jackie Chan that Chinese people "need to be controlled" escalated Tuesday with everyone from academics to politicians censuring the Hong Kong film star.

One group on social networking site Facebook even called for the martial arts legend to be exiled to North Korea.

Chan, best-known for his comic action movies, told an annual meeting of governments and business leaders on Saturday China should be wary of allowing too many freedoms.

"I don't know whether it is better to have freedom or to have no freedom," numerous mainland news websites quoted Chan as saying at the Boao Forum for Asia.

Way to go, China! I guess freedom's not for everyone. Just ask the detainees at Guantamo, I guess they don't deserve it either.

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