Thursday, March 19, 2009


More Bailouts

So far, this administrations fiscal policy seems to be summed up thus: "Throw money at it, maybe it'll go away."
From Reuters, Thu Mar 19, 6:19 pm ET The Obama administration pledged up to $5 billion on Thursday to immediately assist auto suppliers whose health is crucial to the survival of stricken U.S. car manufacturers.

The emergency aid is the first act of the government's autos task force, which is overseeing the restructuring of General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC that includes a new bailout request from the two of nearly $22 billion.

Wait- didn't we bail out Chrysler once already? WTF?? How many effing times do we have to bail the sucker out before it becomes a viable company? Besides, now that all the US manufacturers are having their parts made overseas, new cars should be cheap, right? And those two wars in the middle East have solved the oil supply problem, and now gas is cheap again too, right?

It's the lobbyists for the auto industry that should be taken out in a field and shot. Banned from Washington forever. No more lobbyists. Our representatives in Washington should be representing us, not them. Fuck them, they haven't done anything for you and I, get rid of 'em.

If the auto unions would step forward and take a pay cut, half the issues would be resolved. Why does a guy that tightens nuts all day on an assembly line make like $20 or more per hour, and minimum wage is less than a third of that. It's not a terribly technical job, it's worth about $8-10 per hour. But no, the unions are only interested in themselves, and don't care about the workers they supposedly represent. Fuckers. Why should we support Detroit's overly inflated wages?


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