Friday, November 28, 2008


Ebay succumbs to Evil!

Ebay has a new twist- check it out:

Open Ebay.
Click on "Deals"
Scroll down to the bottom where it says:
"Ready, Set, Search

For two weeks only, we're stashing fantastic finds on EBAY every day. The best part? They can be yours for just a buck!"

Ok, my wife and I have been searching for two days. I am not a noob, and neither is she. Neither one of us has been able to find any of these alleged dollar deals. no way, no how. What kind of a sick bastard would make a person waste hours searching for deals that aren't there? I've been somewhat ambivalent toward some of Ebay's policies in the past, but this is just WRONG. Those bastards have a lot to answer for.

Stones, long time Ebay shopper.


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